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To be a great leader, you must be an efficient communicator. This means being able to convey your message in the best possible way so everyone knows exactly what you mean and there are no instances of misconstrued words. It also means being charismatic enough to encourage people to follow your lead and believe in your vision. One way to ensure you are doing so is to expand and improve your vocabulary through reading.

Reading is a natural way to learn more about all kinds of topics, and new uses of language is certainly part of that. There is no need to sit down with a vocabulary sheet like you’re back in school or tear the next page off your word a day calendar; you only need to read more, and you will find that the number of words you are unfamiliar with will shrink every day. The meanings of most words can be deciphered from their context without interrupting your reading experience. The more you hear those words used in sentences, the better your grasp of them and the more likely you are to incorporate them into your own usage. Should you be unable to use context clues alone, reading is a great incentive to look up words you don’t fully understand. Part of good communication is learning to listen to and seek to fully understand others’ viewpoints, and expanding your vocabulary will help to achieve this as well.

There has been a recent rise in the prevalence of storytelling as a tool for sales. Potential customers want to hear stories relevant to their own lives that explain how a product can be beneficial for them. The same is true for potential investors who hear the story of your business. A good story makes listeners more likely to lend you their support. To become a good storyteller, it is critical that you consume stories and mirror them in your own tales, as this will teach you how to remain engaging while still getting your message across. Additionally, your body language is an incredibly important part of your communication skills. Spend time learning to appear more confident and calm so you can put your expanded vocabulary to the best possible use.

If part of being a good communicator is being a good listener, then being able to understand a point of view other than your own is a great skill to have under any entrepreneur’s belt. Reading allows us to experience life in the shoes of someone entirely different from ourselves, whether the difference is in personality, life situation, or both. Not every novel you read will be written by someone in your exact position; in fact, if you want to get the most out of your literature, you should seek out narratives spun by those who are very different from you. This allows you to understand where other people might be coming from when a disagreement occurs. It also makes it easier to come to a solution or find a compromise that works for both parties. By looking at the issue from another point of view, you can more accurately pinpoint the cause of concern and resolve the disagreement. This is a skill that is useful in all areas of business.

Consider how you might use it to pitch your product to a potential buyer. If someone comes from a low-income background and is used to buying only what they need, you can tailor your pitch so that it highlights the functionalities of your product or service until not buying it sounds like depriving themselves of a valuable resource. If you branch out into foreign markets, people from different cultural backgrounds may be looking for different features, so understanding more about cultural differences can help you craft a more effective advertisement. Being able to connect with people wherever they are is only possible if you take the time to learn about the lives of others.

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