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When I say making sure it’s consistent, you want to be certain that you are always referencing the legitimate name for your business. If your company’s name is “Top Kitchen and Bath Design”, you must always list it as “Top Kitchen and Bath Design” as opposed to just “Top Kitchen and Bath.” Also be aware of misinformation around the web about how to list your company name online. You may read information suggesting that you keyword your name. For example, if your name is “Bright Diamond ,” someone might tell you it would be really smart if you just added to the title of your company name for instance. A listing in any UK business directory should boost your visibility both on and offline.

While that may have worked back in the day, it is no longer an effective strategy. It’s actually a violation of Google’s policies and procedures. Make sure you list your exact company name the same way across the board on all your directory sources. Also make sure you use the same phone number in all those places. I’m a big advocate for tracking numbers and what is happening with your marketing. But, when it comes to your online directory listings, you want to use your primary business phone number that you’ve been using from the beginning.

Don’t try to create a unique number for each directory. What that does is confuse your name/address profile. It will hurt you. Use your primary phone number in all those places, use your exact company name, and use your principal address, written the same way. If your business is located at “1367 South West 87th Street, Suite Number 105,″ list it like that everywhere. Don’t forget to include the suite in one place and then put it on in another. Don’t spell out “South West” in one place and put “SW” in the other. We are driving for a consistent name/address profile across the web.

You will manage your business listing from your dashboard within Google My Business. Here’s where you’ll make changes to your company information, gain insights into how popular your business is by seeing how many times your profile has been viewed on Google Maps.